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Morrígan never fought?

Okay, I'm not really up for the translating as much as I wish I was, although I've poked at the version of the story on CELT. Therefore I really have to rely on Elizabeth Gray's translation on what is actually said the Cath Maige Tuired. I was hoping that perhaps someone out there who might have the ability to really check or might have already noted this could answer for me....

Where in Cath Maige Tuired does it actually state, as so many have stated it does (including academic-types, but then again Miranda Green can't read the original either) that An Morrígan either doesn't fight in the battle OR fights only with magic?

I'm not seeing it. I'm seeing:
106. "And you, Morrigan," said Lug, "what power?" (‘Os tussa, a Morríghan,’ ol Lug, ‘cía cumang?’"

107. "Not hard to say," she said. "I have stood fast; I shall pursue what was watched; I will be able to kill; I will be able to destroy those who might be subdued." (‘Ní anse,’ ol sí, ‘ar-rosisor; dosifius do-sseladh; ar-roselus, aros-dibu nos-ríastais.’)

Okay, sorry, that rather sounds like I'm going to kill in this battle to me. But, as I said, I can only go by the translation.

There IS also:
137. Then the Morrigan the daughter of Ernmas came, and she was strengthening the Tuatha De to fight the battle resolutely and fiercely. She then chanted the following poem: (for which I can find no translation)

Now, I suppose this could show She did use magic and does show She was strengthening the fighters....but that She is JUST doing so? (edited for proper punctuation) At least not by what is translated.

Anyway...I'm just want to make sure that I'm not missing anything, that there is actually no place where is DOES implicitly say that She doesn't fight or only uses magic. I mean, this is something that has come into "common knowledge" (rather like the use of woad!) that before I really tackle some true ranting about this, I would like to get clued in if this is something I'm missing due to my inability to read the original fully.

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