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I need some advice

Okay so earlier tonight (during the Fireworks), I had a discussion with my Sister about why I became a Pagan. During this discussion came up the snowstorm that led to me becoming a Pagan. Also An Calliach came up in the discussion. I mentioned to my sister that An Calliach can be somewhat harsh (in the way a Snowstorm is harsh). Then I mentioned that An Calliach's other aspect is much gentler. My sister then was like "How can you worship a Goddess that is both harsh and gentle at the same time?", so I said to her to think of it as a form of multiple personality disorder... then she said "Your Goddess has a disorder?" So I think I need a better analogy for the relationship between An Calliach and An Brighid. So if anyone could help me out. Remember that I am speaking to a Christian, and one who really doesn't understand the concept of Polytheism, but who is trying to understand her brother.
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