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Outside the Hedge

warriors and outsiders, guardians of sacred space

outside the hedge
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This community is for those who support the idea of traditional, women's flamekeeping orders dedicated to Brighid, but who are not flametenders themselves. This includes men, who were traditionally forbidden to participate in that particular women's tradition; women who may be interested in Brighid but who do not feel called to swear oaths as a flametender or priestess of Brighid; those who do not identify as either men or women; and those sworn to other Deities who feel part of their role in the community is to guard women's space. This is now mainly an Outsider's group, with brighiddevoted having been created for those who are devoted to Brighid to discuss non-flametending forms of honoring Her.

All members to out_hedge must be committed to the belief that only women may tend the perpetual flame and we will not accepted applications from those who belong to orders or communities which promote men as flamekeepers.

This community is also open to those who are considering becoming flametenders in brighidwomen or joining brighiddevoted, but need to get to know the community better first (and vice versa).

We envision out_hedge as a place where men, warrior women and other "outsiders" can discuss their role in the broader CR traditions of Brighid, such as the household/hearthfire flames, the bonfires at the fire festivals, and the traditions of the Morrígan which many of us believe are tied in to the protection of women's space.

This is a specifically Celtic Reconstructionist / Pàganachd group.

Once your membership in the community is approved, you will probably also have to click on the "monitor community" button above to make sure it shows up on your friends list.

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