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Some thoughts on An Morrígan and other Deithe

I want to bring up some confusion I'm having about where folks are considering this community is going and all. This stems from a couple of responses to caitriona_nnc which basically came to "An Morrígan is unpredictable, I think Lugh is a better choice." This rather hit me the wrong way, for a few reasons.

First of all, when I joined I noted that while this is about Brìde as it's a support for a group of her priestesses that is forming, An Morrígan was also mentioned in the profile. I didn't see Lugh. However, there is no indication of "we all must worship only these two Goddesses" as most of us are pretty blatantly polytheistic anyway. Just that there is a certain leaning towards them in the work that might be done here. The hosts and myself have all had very specific SPG regarding a relationship between these two Goddesses and I believe that is something that they had the idea might be explored here. Of course, this doesn't mean they would be the only Deithe discussed.

Secondly, as far as I understand there is a connection between An Morrígan and similar Goddesses and the Outsider warrior bands. Perhaps wire_mother can fill in more. Or correct me if I'm wrong. Another aspect of this all that I'd like to explore.

Thirdly, what lore or UPG has those of you who have said this to say that She is unpredictable? I can't think of a thing in any of the stories connected to Her that point to that. And in my own UPG, well, I'd say She's often a bit too predictable. ~;)

Fourthly, what's so bad about unpredictable?
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