Sidhe (sidheblessed) wrote in out_hedge,

Rites of Brigid by Sean o Duinn

Does anybody know if Rites of Brigid is any good? As Brighid is my Patron, I would enjoy reading a quality book about her mythology, both as a Goddess and a Saint. Of course, as Brighid is my Patron I would not enjoy a poorly written study! ;)

Alternatively, have you read anything by the author that may suggest the above book will be of high or low quality? Upon a little research, I found the author is a lecturer on Irish heritage and mythology at Universirty of Limerick. I had a look at a sumnmary of one of his lectures and nothing beat me over the head with alarm but as a third party intepretation of the lecture, it's a little ard to ascertain the true quality of his work.

I suppose this is just a long winded way of asking your opinion on the book/author and if you coud sugest some reliable sources of information on Brighid.

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