Hth (hth_the_first) wrote in out_hedge,

supporting flametenders

I think it's really meaningful that this forum exists, because it seems to deepen the idea that flame-tenders really do serve on behalf of a community, which I think is important to the meaning of that kind of service -- although I know other people see it as more of a personal contemplative ritual. And I'm certainly not saying it can't be practiced that way, but as many people have mentioned, there is also that element of priestessing on behalf of the community hearthfire that seems integral and, well, requires a community.

So what I'm most interested in, I think, is what *kind* of community support we can offer to a group of dedicated priestesses who are keeping Brighid's flame on our behalf. Obviously we're not able to offer the physical support that service staff gives to convents and monasteries, since our flame-tenders are not full-time and living together in that kind of relationship. The idea of ritual guarding really interests me in general, but again at this time we're unlikely to be physically present for any or all of the flame-tenders in order to guard their rituals.

My mother participates in a group in her church that knits shawls for the hospitalized, in a mindful way that imbues the shawls with prayers for their health. Given Brighid's associations with crafting, maybe it would be nice to organize something similar -- something we can make for flame-tenders that would be invested with our support of their work and our own different kind of devotion to Brighid, so that when they wore or used it, it would help remind them that, even as they're sitting alone in their living rooms or whatever, there is a community out there that they've agreed to serve in this way.

Is this a project that anyone would be interested in? Or do people have other ideas, additionally or instead, on the subject of how to help flame-tenders operate as priestesses in a community rather than isolation?
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